Keats-Shelley House, with Byron next door

For the past 13 years, I have been the Friends Secretary of the Keats-Shelley Memorial Association – the London-based charity that for more than a century have raise funds for the Keats-Shelley House in Rome. I joined in late 1999, replacing the rather more Romantically connected, Jonathan Leigh-Hunt. My initials, at least, were Keatsian(ish).

My first contact occurred earlier that year when my essay on puns in Keats’ poetry won second prize in the Keats-Shelley Prize. Claire Tomalin was the judge.

There are various ways to support the House. You can follow us on Twitter: @Keats_Shelley. Or like us on Facebook.

You can visit our website: here (for the House) or here (for the charity), where you can find details on how to become a Friend.