Lit Bits: Season 1, ep. 12. Rooms, with guest Alexandra Goddard of the Geffrye Museum

Lit Bits, the show that examines literature from curious angles, explores ROOMS with Alexandra Goddard of the Geffrye Museum.

Can literature help us imagine historical interior designs? Was Edith Wharton the Laurence Llewellyn Bowen of her day? What does a room tell us about character? Are books the new wallpaper? Plump those pillows. Chuck out those Ikea bookshelves. Join us as Elizabeth Gaskell, Virginia Woolf, John Donne and Emily Bronte get their Lit Bits Feng Shui on. 

Goddard gets interior, Kidd is characterful, Smyth is Satanic.

Key texts: Elizabeth Gaskell’s Mary Barton; Virginia Woolf’s Jacob’s Room; John Milton’s Paradise Lost; Edith Wharton’s Decoration of Houses.

Season 1, episode 12/13.

Tuesday 9pm, Resonance FM. [Repeated: Sunday 7.30am]

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