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Lit Bits Radio Show: ENDINGS, Resonance FM, 9pm, Tuesday 25th June 2013

And now, the end is near. Lit Bits make an awkward bow by discussing ENDINGS with special guest Paul Myerscough, senior editor at the London Review of Books. I read classics like The Great Gatsby and Spinal Tap, and indulge in some Lit Bits karaoke: my Tweed-core version of The Doors’ The End. Adam Smyth supplies the high culture and wit. Paul Myserscough philosophises on the fine line between ending and completion. Listen live @ …

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Lit Bits Radio Show: ROOMS, Resonance FM, 9pm, Tuesday 18th June 2013

Lit Bits, the show that examines literature from curious angles, explores ROOMS with Alexandra Goddard of the Geffrye Museum. Can literature help us imagine historical interior designs? Was Edith Wharton the Laurence Llewellyn Bowen of her day? What does a room tell us about character? Are books the new wallpaper? Plump those pillows. Chuck out those Ikea bookshelves. Join us as Elizabeth Gaskell, Virginia Woolf, John Donne and Emily Bronte get their Lit Bits Feng …

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Lit Bits Radio Show: READING, Resonance FM, 9pm, 11th June 2013

        Lit Bits, the show that examines literature from curious angles on Resonance FM, explores Literature and Reading: Adam Smyth, lecturer in English at Birkbeck, and journalist James Kidd are joined by academic and author Dinah Roe. Where do we read? How do we read? Why do we read? Is reading still relevant in the 21st century? How did Samuel Pepys reads naughty French smut? And what does any of this have …

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